Spring Sports Updates

All Sports enthusiasts and Players in Los Angeles,

An update on sports: Please READ.

We are currently experiencing delays in our Spring sports due to the great amounts of rain we have received this year in So Cal. Although it is great for the state and our water supply here in LA, that we try to keep clean for our family using filter systems from sites as pureosmosis.org we install at our homes.  It is bad for outdoor sports.  Some of the fields have been unplayable thus the delay/postponement of some of the sports games, which is bad for people who like to practices sport to keep themselves healthy along with a good diet and supplements from sites as https://www.tophealthjournal.com that help with this.

Please bear with us as we are constantly working to re-schedule, shuffle and get all of your coed sports games in as promised and get you playing your games. We also recommend you now that we know you are interested in outdoor sports to try the best sporting and fitness articles from sportlifeadviser.com such as mini trampolines to re-force your strength.

We will be updating the upcoming sports seasons very soon for the Spring of 2017.

Upcoming Planned Spring Sports.

  • Santa Monica Kickball – Monday
  • Santa Monica Kickball – Tuesday
  • Santa Monica Kickball – Wednesday
  • Santa Monica Kickball – Thursday
  • Santa Monica Kickball – Friday
  • Santa Monica Kickball – Sunday
  • Soccer – Fridays
  • Flag football – Saturday and Sunday
  • Softball – Sunday
  • Softball – Mondays

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