Spring Coed Adult Sports In Los Angeles Open for Signups

Los Angeles Adult Sports, Make some Money and Join our Team

Signups are open for Planet Social Sports here in Los Angeles.  We have flag football, softball, kickball, dodgeball, volleyball and Soccer to play in our coed adult sports leagues.  Please sign up before 4/10 to receive discounts after that the price goes up.

Go here to register to play

We are hiring new league coordinators as well.  If you are interested in getting involved and making some extra cash, love sports and love people, PSS is a great way to have fun and do all of those things in Los Angeles. On the other hand, if getting cash is just your target, why not check here moneybolt.co.uk to know how you can apply for a loan application.

Get started today and join our great crew!

So if you decide to sign up you need to fill out a few questions from down below, and after you will get all the promotions and special offers regarding every sport. Including different sport equipment, products from sponsors and the latest in the market, also supplements such as maxx power testosterone which help mature athletes to maintain their stamina, the energy and sexual performance and different types of nutrition plans.

Follow this link to fill out a simple questionnaire about yourself and what you have to offer to our team.  Get in the game and lets do this!

See you on the field.