• Stuart Baket posted an update 1 year, 8 months ago

    Steel Dawn (1987)

    Just some random thoughts while viewing Steel Dawn:
    The problem with too many post-apocalyptic movies is that the scripts are as arid as the stereotypical landscape. Everyone is so stoic and internalized — it’s the stony-faced Clint Eastwood cowboy taken to its ridiculous extreme.
    Plus all the other illogical cliches are present: the settlement in the desert with no basis of economy or visible means of support (I mean, there’s got to be an ocean somewhere — how about fishing?); the studded leather clothing; the vain attempts at animal husbandry (especially pigs!) instead of simple agriculture; and the precision-milled mechanical parts in the absence of an industrial complex or macroeconomic structure.

    And where’d the heroine get the hair crimper?

    There is some good swordplay, and Anthony Zerbe as the villain is wonderfully dispicable as always, but all in all the unrelated action scene in the first five minutes is the best part of the movie (movie review and essays in our writing english homework help service).

    Brion James (“Targ”)! A dependably awful genre actor who seems to have found no shortage of work.
    Interesting side note: One of the miscellaneous henchmen (“I told you not to play with sharp objects”) is Arnold Vosloo, who went on to such roles as Lance Henriksen’s right-hand man in Hard Target and the star of Darkman 2.

    I know it’s hard to get a convincing stunt double for an eight-year-old, but this movie sets the record for unconvincing stand-ins. It was so obviously a full-grown man — not a woman, not a diminutive man, but an average five-foot-ten-or-above fella.