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    Bachelor or Specialist, that is the question.

    Finally, you graduated from school and on the horizon you can already see the beautiful sign of your dream university, and the road leads straight, but suddenly it diverges and we sit in a puddle. Bachelor or specialist? That’s a really strange question. The problem is that in universities it is not so often possible to hear the details of the difference between these two seemingly similar designations. But the devil is in the details, so let’s figure it out.

    So what’s the difference? It’s simple, a bachelor is the 21st century, a specialist is 20, that’s the whole point). But do not immediately dismiss a specialist as your future direction of study.

    In order to become a good bachelor, you need to study hard and do all your homework. Sometimes it is difficult for students to be given homework and they order it in an best research paper writing service reviews. Such services offer writing essays or dissertations of very good quality.

    So, the bachelor’s degree is a modern multi-level system, which is recognized all over the world and is the standard, and the specialty is the Soviet system, where a graduate graduates after training.

    If you have a clear confidence that you know what you want and will definitely work in Russia, then feel free to go to the specialty. We do not particularly respect bachelors who get a job after university, it is believed that this is an incomplete higher education. Therefore, a specialty is a good choice.

    On the other hand, if you are not entirely sure of the correct choice of a university or direction, have not yet fully found yourself, if you dream of working abroad, feel free to choose a bachelor’s degree. Firstly, it is a recognized world standard and on the world platform this diploma is rolled in the same way as a specialist. Moreover, after the undergraduate degree, you can continue your education for the magistracy for free, where specialists will have to pay.

    Bachelor or Specialist, that is the question.

    Be that as it may, be aware that most likely you will not work in your native specialty, as an option, adjacent to it, or in a completely different field altogether.