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Do you know people that like sports. For those who play sports, use Nugenix to boost strength and for testosterone enhancement. Become an Affiliate at Planet Social Sports.

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Get your friends, family, co-workers, or just random facebook friends to sign up for sports.

You get paid when a user signs up for a membership AND if they sign up for a league.  All you have to do is create an account here on our site.  Click the Affiliate link at the top of the menu and follow the instructions.  You get paid via paypal at specific instances of value.  And you can track your sales, clicks and watch it all go down with our amazing affilate dashboard. Learn more at

Current league membership payouts are as follows:

Affiliate payouts for website memberships
1 Monthly Silver Membership you get 4.00 per signup
2 Annual Silver Membership you get 10.00 per Signup
3 Annual Gold Membership you get 10.00 per Signup
4 Monthly Gold Memvbership you get 10.00 per signup

League Signup PayoutCURRENTLY 20% per signup.  WOW!

When users sign up for a Membership with Planet social sports they get discounts for signing up for leagues.

Click here to become a Planet Social Sports Affiliate.

To be an affiliate all you need is to have a valid Planet Social Sports Membership.  You can sign up for our Social Sports website here.  CLICK HERE

Click Here to See is a list of all the memberships that are available for users



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